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February 7, 2017 a session of presidium “Association of Sociologists of Kazakhstan” was held


The session of presidium was dedicated to the discussion of the President’s special statement from January 31, 2017 “Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness”.
An introductory speech was given by the Vice President of Association of Sociologists of Kazakhstan, deputy of Mazhilis Parliament of RK Seidumanov S.T., who drew the attention of the participants to the main priorities of the special statement, particularly marked the section as far as the provision of safety and promotion of national economic interests are concerned in the framework of international cooperation. Likewise, Seidumanov S.T. pointed that Kazakhstan’s sociology permanently works on strengthening the reputation internationally. From the moment of its formation in 2002, ASK became a permanent member of International Sociological Association (ISA) and united the sociological structures of Turkic speaking countries into the Turkic Sociological Association (TURKSA). Association of Sociologists of Kazakhstan held over 50 international and republic forums, seminars, summer schools and universities. In the course of discussion of the special statement, leading sociologists of Kazakhstan: director of the Institute for Philosophy, political science and religion studies CS MES RK Shaukenova Z.K., executive director of PO “Association of Sociologists of Kazakhstan” Kuchinskaya Y.V., professor of sociology department and social work Al-Farabi KazNU Abdikerova G.O., president of the Center “BISAM Central Asia” Gurevich L.Y. and others. In discussing the topical questions of the President’s new special statement, practitioners and officials of well-known and actively functioning sociological companies, members of ASK assembled: PF “Strategy”, RA “Institute of democracy”, CSPO, “BISAM Central Asia”, Agency BRIF, International institute of sociology and politics (IISP), Center of sociological researches Al-Farabi KazNU, as well as the lecturers of leading institutions of higher education in sociology. According to the results of the event, sociologists worked out the common approaches for participation of sociological society in realizing the President’s special statement, brought into accord the actions on further enhancement of the Association that unites them in the interests of progress and future of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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