Ассоциация социологов Казахстана

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Association of Sociologists of Kazakhstan

ASSOCIATION OF SOCIOLOGISTS OF KAZAKHSTAN – the Independent Professional Association, established to consolidate scientists of socio-humanitarian directions. It was established at the first Congress of Sociologists of Kazakhstan on 17-18 May 2002. ASK is a permanent member of the International Sociology Association (ISA) since March 2003.

The supreme body of ASK is the Congress of Kazakhstan Sociologists.

The strategic goal of Association is the disclosure of the intellectual, scientific and institutional capacity of the sociological community of the country. The Association is actively involved in research, by working to improve the methodology and techniques of social and political dimensions of processes in modern Kazakhstan society.

There are such state agencies, which assist in organizing and carrying out activities of ASK as Executive Office of the President of RK, Ministry of Culture and Sport of RK, Ministry of Education and Science of RK; Educational Institutions - al-Farabi Kazakh National University, L.N. Gymilyov Eurasian National University, K.A. Yassaui International Kazakh-Turkic University , Regional Universities; International Organizations; Research Structures.

ASK has established cooperation with similar structures of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia. Association representatives participate in international congresses, conferences, round tables.

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