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Fulfilled projects

International scientific-practical conference «Social Structure of Contemporary Kazakhstan Society» (Astana, 2003).
International scientific-practical conference «Experience of Modernization Reforms in Kazakhstan» (Almaty, 2003).
International summer university «Election Campaign Management» (Almaty, 2004).
The Second Congress of Kazakhstan Sociologists «Globalization and Issues of Social and Cultural Adaptation» (Astana, 2005).
The Third Congress of Kazakhstan Sociologists «Social Studies and Innovative Development» (Almaty, 2008).
The Fourth Congress of Kazakhstan Sociologists «Social Modernization of the Kazakhstani Society: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects» (Almaty, 2011).
The Fifth Congress of Kazakhstan Sociologists «Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy: Social Development of Society » (Almaty, 2014).
The Second Congress of Sociologists of Turkic-speaking Countries «Civil Society and Social Progress in the XXI century» (Almaty, 2008).
The Fifth Congress of Sociologists of Turkic-speaking Countries «National Development Strategies of Turkic-Speaking Countries» (Almaty, 2014).
International scientific conference «Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of Scientists of Kazakhstan and Turkey» (Istanbul, 2009).

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